In the rapidly changing environment of recent years, the demand for electronic musical instruments has become more diversified than ever before. Roland needs to respond to this situation by providing a wider choice of solutions for customers in a variety of shapes and forms. Roland will provide the best solutions for customers, not only through conventional hardware products but also by software, including content, services and various support activities so that customers can have a fulfilling music and video experience.

In order to have many people as possible feel the enjoyment of creativity, Roland will aim to become the company of choice for customers who seek the greatest satisfaction from their creative endeavors.

Corporate image we aim for

Create more Roland fans through unique and innovative product design

Providing attractive products is the most important and fundamental part of our company activities. In the planning and development of new products, we will put the highest priority on creating products that customers will be proud to own, show and use. To help achieve this, we will enhance our before-and-after services as well as software content. In order for more people to enjoy a relationship with Roland, we will offer the enjoyment of music and video through a wider scope of products and services.

Lead globally with consistent profitability and strong growth

In order to provide customers with attractive products and valuable services, the consistent profitability and strong growth of the company is essential. We aim to be a well balanced, leading company in the musical instruments industry by simplifying all internal operations constantly and establishing a powerful global branding and distribution channel strategy.

Be a company represented by pride, motivation, a sense of urgency, and the spirit to overcome challenges

We believe that an excellent company requires an excellent in-company management. We are undertaking internal measures to continually develop the ability and satisfaction of our key people. We will empower internal management by respecting each member’s autonomy in an open corporate culture, so that all corporate members can obtain a sense of urgency and the spirit to overcome the challenges of today to become the leading businessmen and businesswomen of the future.