SPD-SX: Applying Effects to a Pad (FX)

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The SPD-SX contains built-in multi-effects that can be assigned to the pads in each Kit. Here's a list of the FX that are available:


In this example, we'll activate the FX 1 switch, choose "Reverb" as the effect, and then assign it to the pads. Here's how: 

1. Press MENU.

2. Cursor to the "FX" icon, and then press the function 3 (F3) button (ENTER).

3. Press F1 to select the FX-1 tab.

4. Press the + button to turn on the FX switch (FX1 SW).

5. Cursor down to highlight "FX1 TYPE."

6. Press the + or - button to choose "REVERB."

7. Use the cursor up/down buttons and the +/- buttons to adjust the various reverb parameters as desired.

8. Press EXIT once.

9. Cursor to highlight the KIT icon, and then press ENTER.

10. Press F2 to select the output tab (OUTPUT).

11. Hit the pad that you'd like to apply effects to.

12. Press the +/- button so that the pad is *routed* through the FX1 block.

13. Repeat Steps 11 and 12 for the remaining pads.

14. Press the KIT button when you're finished. The new settings are saved automatically.



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