SPD-SX: Selecting and Auditioning Kits

標籤: spd-sx, samples, patch, waves
A “kit” in the SPD-SX is a collection of samples assigned to the different pads. There are 100 kit locations available. Use the following steps to try out some kits.

1. Turn on the SPD-SX.

2. Press the + or – button to select a kit. There are 16 factory kits to choose from.

3. Play the pads to hear the different samples, or “waves,” assigned to the pads.

Tip: To scroll through the kits quickly, hold down the PAD CHECK•SHIFT button, and then press + or – . You can also select kits using an optional external footswitch such as the BOSS FS-6.

4. While playing one of the pads, press the FILTER button, and then turn the CONTROL 1 knob to try out the Filter effect.

5. To immediately stop waves from playing, press the ALL SOUND OFF button.


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