R-26: SYMPTOM: No Microphone Input Sound (Condenser Mic)

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Condenser microphones require a 48 volt power source provided by the R-26’s microphone inputs known as Phantom Power. If Phantom Power is not turned on, the condenser microphone will not operate. The following steps will guide you through turning on Phantom Power in the R-26.

  1. Connect your microphone into ANALOG IN 1/L with a standard XLR cable.
    Note: The ¼” connectors do not supply Phantom Power.

  2. Press REC SETUP.

  3. Press REC MODE.

  4. Press "1 CHANNEL" and the press BACK.

  5. Press INPUT SETUP.

  6. Press ANALOG IN.

  7. Press INPUT1 PHANTOM and then press "ON".

  8. Press the MENU button three times.

  9. Press the REC button so that it begins to blink red.

  10. Turn the INPUT1 knob to 3 o'clock (pointing directly right) as a starting point.

  11. Talk into the microphone. You should see level indication on the screen's meter.

  12. Adjust the INPUT 1 knob as needed.

  13. Press the PLAY button to begin recording.

  14. Press STOP to end recording.


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