R-26: Repairing a Damaged or Unplayable File

標籤: file, play, damaged, repair, corrupt, improper, unplayable

The R-26 contains a file Repair function to repair files that are unplayable due to the R-26's power inadvertently turning off, removing the SD card or the SD memory reaching its maximum capacity while recording. The following steps will guide you through repairing an unplayable file.

  1. Choose the [MENU] button and the touch “FINDER”.

  2. Touch the name of the project file that you would like to repair.
    NOTE: The “REPAIR” icon will only appear if the R-26 detects a damaged file.

  3. Touch “REPAIR”.

  4. Touch “Yes”.

    The file will be repaired.

    NOTE: Depending on how the project has been damaged, it may not be possible to repair a file.


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