R-26: Adjusting Input Levels 1 and 2 Independently

標籤: input, condenser, dynamic, mic, microphone, phantom, volume, external, gain, 2, 1

The R-26 allows you to adjust the input levels of two connected microphones independently. The following steps will guide you through the setup procedure to have this input level control for microphones connected to INPUT 1 and INPUT 2.

  1. Press the MENU button.
  2. Touch REC SETUP.
  3. Touch REC MODE and select 2 CHANNEL.

  4. Touch REC SOURCE and then touch in the REC SOURCE box.

  5. Touch the up  or down  arrows and then select ANALOG (MONO).
  6. Press MENU button.
  7. Touch INPUT SETUP.
  8. Touch ANALOG IN.
  9. Touch INPUT TYPE and select SEPARATE.

  10. a. If you are using a dynamic microphone that does NOT require Phantom Power (48 volts), proceed to step 11.
    b. If you are using a condenser microphone that requires Phantom Power (48 volts):
    Touch the up  and down  arrows on the right side of the screen to select, and turn ON, INPUT1 PHANTOM and then INPUT2 PHANTOM.
  11. Press the MENU button three time to return to the main screen.

    Input levels for Inputs 1 and 2 can now be adjusted independently.


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