R-26: Which Brands of External Battery Power Supplies are Compatible?

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The following Battery Power Supplies have been verified to work properly on the R-26:


* 1: You can select the final voltage of an external power supply on the [MENU]→[SYSTEM SETUP]→[EXT-POWER].
(Please refer to the "Using External Power Sources" section(P.23) of the owner's manual for details.)

* 2: An additional attachment is required for connecting to the R-26. Refer to the user's manual for the external power source.


  • The above table is to be used as a guide only. It does not provide any guarantees of actual time for continuous recording.
  • These figures will vary depending on the specifications, the charging conditions, the drain levels of the batteries and the actual conditions of use.
  • Refer to the user's manual for the external power source and be sure to set the final voltage for the R-26 when using an external power source. If the final voltage is not properly set for the external power source, the remaining power display cannot be shown. In some cases, a battery would burn power faster than usual or fall into disrepair.
  • Some power supplies bearing model numbers included in this list may not be usable due to differences in design specifications and usage environment. The inclusion of a model number on this list is not a guarantee that all power supplies bearing that number will be fully usable.



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