BRIDGE CAST Outline Data

To allow customization, the design of the BRIDGE CAST features a detachable aluminum faceplate.
The following terms and conditions shall prevail over the Roland Software License Agreement for the use of the panel outline data of BRIDGE CAST.
The attached outline data could be used free of charge for BRIDGE CAST panels only, regardless of whether it is for personal or commercial use.
However, keep the following in mind:
  • All intellectual property rights to the outline data attached to belong to Roland.
  • Please refrain from the following acts when using for commercial purposes.
    • Use of trademarks owned by Roland
    • Use in a way that violates public order and morals or damages the image of Roland
    • To sell the attached outline data as it is
    • Any other use that Roland deems inappropriate
For information on how to remove it, refer to "Removing and Attaching the Faceplate of This Unit" in the "BRIDGE CAST Owner's Manual" for details.
Deformation or damage that occurs due to customization of the faceplate is not covered by manufacturer warranty. Please handle the part with adequate care.


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