Fantom-G6/-G7/-G8 System Update Version 1.50

Roland Corporation U.S. is pleased to announce the release of Version 1.50 for the Fantom-G series workstations. This update includes the FG Connects Live package, emphasizing the powerful live performance potential of the Fantom-G.

Fantom-G Version 1.50 Features:

  • Hundreds of new dance, pop and hip-hop oriented patches
  • New orchestral sounds including all type of strings, woodwinds and brass
  • New Live Sets focusing on dance, electronic pop, R&B and hip-hop
  • Hundreds of new unique RPS motion phrases
  • New contemporary rhythm pattern sets and kits
  • New arpeggiation phrases
  • File utility function added for sharing content between projects

Please refer to the “README.pdf” document for details about this update.

NOTE: The Fantom-G Librarian/Editor Software has been updated to reflect Version 1.50 features. Please see the link below to update your Fantom-G Librarian/Editor Software to the current version.


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