JUNO-DS Tone Manager Ver.1.00 for macOS / OS X

JUNO-DS Tone Manager is an application that lets you use your computer to manage JUNO-DS patches, drum kits, performances, and samples in a library, and to edit their parameters. Using your computer, you’ll be able to efficiently manage and edit large numbers of tones.
Please refer to the "Using JUNO-DS Tone Manager" for detailed information in the [ Owner's Manuals ].

* JUNO-DS Tone Manager is available with JUNO-DS Ver.2.00 or later. Check the version of JUNO-DS.
* JUNO-DS Tone Manager can also be used with XPS-30 Ver.2.00 or later. In this manual, simply read references to "JUNO-DS" as "XPS-30."

Download and expand the archive file
Download the file named ""
It is an archive file in zip format, please double click on the file to expand. After expanding the file, "junods_tm_m100" folder will be appeared.

Installation file
JUNO-DS Tone Manager Installer(.pkg)

How to install
Double-click the JUNO-DS Tone Manager Installer(.pkg) to install the software.

System Requirements
Operating System
macOS 10.12 / macOS 10.13 / macOS 10.14
OS X 10.10 / OS X 10.11
Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo or better
1 GB or more
Hard Disk
200 MB or more of free space
1024 x 768 dots or higher / 16.7 million colors or more

* Although Roland has tested numerous configurations, and has determined that on average, a computer system similar to that described above will permit normal operation of the JUNO-DS Applications, Roland cannot guarantee that a given computer can be used satisfactorily with the JUNO-DS Applications based solely on the fact that it meets the above requirements. This is because there are too many other variables that may influence the processing environment, including differences in motherboard design and the particular combination of other devices involved.

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