• JUNO-G Workshop 01: JUNO-Geography

    This booklet provides a hands-on introduction to the JUNO-G workstation keyboard. It’ll give you a tour of its main features, giving you a taste of what’s in store for you with the JUNO-G.

  • JUNO-G Workshop 02: Using the JUNO-G with a Computer

    In addition to being a killer stand-alone workstation, the JUNO-G fits seamlessly into a computer-based DAW (“Digital Audio Workstation”) recording environment. This booklet explains how to get things going between your JUNO-G and your Mac or PC.

  • JUNO-G Q&A

    A collection of popular articles from the JUNO-G knowledge base.

  • JUNO-G TurboStart
  • InFocus 02: Roland’s Librarian Software

    If you’re the kind of person who digs into your Roland/BOSS gear, odds are you go way beyond factory patches and settings. It’s for users like you that we include a computer-based Librarian application for backing up and organizing your data. This booklet explains the Roland/BOSS Librarian.


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