SP-404MKII System Program (Ver.3.02)

Please check the version of the system working on your SP-404MKII before downloading the archive file.
  1. Hold down [ SHIFT ] and tap the pad [ 13 ].
    The "UTILITY MENU" screen appears.
  2. Turn the [ PUSH ENTER ] knob to select "SYSTEM", then press the [ PUSH ENTER ] knob.
  3. Turn the [ CTRL 3 ] knob all the way clockwise.
    The version information is displayed on the screen.
  4. Press [ EXIT ] to go back to the initial screen.

[ Ver.3.02 ] MAY 2023
Bug Fix
The following bug have been fixed.
  • In SP-404MKII Ver.3.01, resampling does not start even if the pad is pressed during "COUNT-IN:WAIT".
[ Ver.3.01 ] APR 2023
Bug Fixes
The following bugs have been fixed.
  • When the GATE function is "ON" and RELEASE is set to "1" or higher, the following symptoms occur.
    • If you set the start point to the second half of the sample, the sound will continue until the end even after you take your finger off the pad.
    • Noise occurs at certain samples.
  • There is no count at the start of resampling.
    * Includes pattern resampling.
  • Changed MIDI Ch of "BANK F - PAD 1" to "2" when set to "MIDI Mode: B".
  • Other minor bugs.
[ Ver.3.00 ] MAR 2023
* Please refer to the "SP-404MKII Reference Manual (Version 3.00)" for detailed information in the [ Owner's Manuals ].
* If you are using the SP-404MKII App, please update the SP-404MKII App to Version 3.00 or later along with the SP-404MKII itself.
* To use the SP-404MKII App Ver.3 as an Audio Units plug-in for Logic Pro on a Mac with Apple silicon, you need to install Rosetta 2.

Additional Functions / Functionality Improvements
  • Added a "BOUNCE Function" to convert patterns created in the pattern sequencer to samples.
    ( When copying a pattern, press the [PATTERN SELECT] button to select the destination Sample Pad. )
  • The following movements are now recorded during sequencer recording.
    • ON/OFF of effects (BUS1 and BUS2)
    • Movement of parameters ([CTRL 1] - [CTRL 3] knobs)
  • Added PAD MUTE Mode.
    ( Press [SHIFT] + [REVERSE] + [REMAIN]. )
  • Added support for memorizing PAD MUTE movements during pattern recording (Real-Time REC).
    ( Press [SHIFT] + [REVERSE] + [REMAIN] during Real-Time REC. )
  • When copying a pattern, it is now possible to copy only the pattern of a specific sample.
    ( You can select the track (sample) to copy by pressing the [REMAIN] button while the pattern is selected. )
  • After recording a pattern, it is now possible to set the quantize for a specific sample.
    ( Press [RECORD SETTING] while editing a pattern. After setting the correction conditions with C2 and C3, select the pad you want to quantize and press the [VALUE] knob. )
  • The pattern sequencer tempo can now be set to the first decimal place.
    ( After pressing [SHIFT]+[PAD11], turn the [VALUE] knob while pressing the [SHIFT] button. )
  • Increased SUBSTEP division conditions in TR-REC mode.
  • It is now possible to select samples without playing them during TR-REC (step recording).
  • The display of "SOLO" in TR-REC mode has been made easier to understand.
  • Playback can be started from multiple MarkerPMositions (CUE points) set in CHOP Mode.
    ( While holding down the [SHIFT] button, press pads [1] - [16]. )

    Useful functions that use CUE points
    • You can add up to 7 markers during sample playback.
      ( Press [SHIFT] + [MARK] at the playback point where you want to add a marker. )
    • You can remove added markers.
      ( Press [SHIFT] + [DEL] + [PAD 1 - 16]. )
    • A shortcut to the WaveformEedit screen is available.
      ( Press [SHIFT] + [START/END]. )
    • Can be fixed in CUE Mode.
      ( Press [SHIFT] + [REMAIN]. )
  • Enabled reverse playback.
    Press [BPM SYNC] to switch the channel for reverse playback.
    ( Press the [REVERSE] button while the sample is playing. Reverse Type is fixed to 303. )
  • Enabled to change the type of Time Stretch.
    ( [UTILITY] > [SYSTEM] > [GENERAL] > [DJ mode TS type] > [VINYL/Backing/Ensemble] )
  • Enabled to switch between "EFX page" and "MIXER page".
    ( Press the [MARK] button.)
  • Enabled to mute during Sample Playback.
    ( While holding down the [SHIFT] and [REVERSE] buttons, press pad [13](CH1) / [15](CH2)]. )
  • Enabled to select level curve characteristics.
    ( While holding down [RESAMPLE], press the [VALUE] knob. )
  • Enabled to change BPM display to integer or decimal.
    ( Press [PITCH/SPEED] multiple times. Or press the [VALUE] knob. )
  • You can now adjust the effect of BEND.
    ( [UTILITY] > [SYSTEM] > [GENERAL] > [Bend Sens(DJ)] > 10 - 200 (Default:20))
  • BEND operation is now synchronized with MIDI clock (OUT).
    * When Bend SYNC (DJ) is "ON", pressing BEND while holding down [REMAIN] will not follow MIDI Clock.
    ( BEND operation is now synchronized with MIDI clock (OUT). )
  • Changed to display the Sample File name on the MIXER page.
    Also, when selecting a sample, the tempo of the sample is now displayed.
  • It is now possible to save the main parameters of effects (CTRL 1-3).
    ( While holding down the [SHIFT] button, press and hold the [MARK] button for 3 seconds or more. )
  • Enabled to set MFX at power-on.
< CHOP >
  • Markers attached to samples can now be saved.
    * This Marker can also be used as a CUE Point in DJ Mode.
    ( After adding a Marker to the sample, press the [EXIT] button to save. )
  • A shortcut has been added to collectively delete markers attached to samples.
    ( Hold down the [SHIFT] button and press the [DEL] button. )
  • Made it possible to copy Samples and Patterns to other Projects.
    ( When copying Samples/Patterns, use the [CTRL 3] knob to select the copy destination project.
    To copy a bank to another Project, press [COPY] + [EXIT]. )
  • Enabled to select MIDI Note sequence type.
    * MIDI CH and NOTE can now be offset when the sequence type is set to "B".
    ( [UTILITY] > [SYSTEM] > [MIDI] > [MIDI Mode] )
  • The [PITCH/SPEED] page / [ENVELOPE] page can now be used to change the parameters of all samples in a bank at the same time.
    ( On the [PITCH/SPEED] page / [ENVELOPE] page, change the parameter while holding down the [REMAIN] button.)
  • On the [PITCH/SPEED] page, you can now enter numerical values for the "SPEED" setting.
    ( On the [PITCH/SPEED] page, hold down [SHIFT] and press the [VALUE] knob. Then enter her BPM value with pads [1]-[10].)
  • On the [PITCH/SPEED] page, the BPM value of samples can now be set to the second decimal place.
    ( On the [PITCH/SPEED] page, set "BPM SET" to "MANU-F" using the [VALUE] knob.)
  • Added an "Anti-Feedback function" to prevent microphone input howling.
    ( [UTILITY] > [SYSTEM] > [GAIN] > [Anti Feedback] > [ON] )
  • It is now possible to set (ON/OFF) output of MIDI notes when PAD is pressed.
    ( [UTILITY] > [SYSTEM] > [MIDI] > [PAD Note Out] )
  • Fade-out (ENVELOPE) is enabled when sample playback with GATE set to "ON" is stopped (release finger from PAD).
  • A "ONE-SHOT Playback function" has been added that plays a sample only once when the pad is pressed.
    * While the sample is playing, pressing the pad again will not re-trigger (re-sound) it.
    ( Hold down the [VALUE] knob and press the [GATE] button to activate the one-shot parameter. )
  • The sample is played at the same time as the screen saver is released.
  • Remaining time is now displayed when the [REMAIN] button is pressed during sample playback.
  • A preview is now played when a sample is selected in COPY / DELETE / EXCHANGE / PAD LINK / MUTE GROUP operations.
  • Added audio file preview playback function when importing samples from SD card.
  • Added a function to scroll the file browser at high speed when importing samples from an SD card.
    ( In the file browser, hold down [MARK] and turn the [VALUE] knob. )
  • Supports SD cards up to 1 TB.
    * Please format the SD card on the SP-404MKII in advance.
    * When updating the SP-404MKII, please use an SD card of 32 GB or less.
  • File transfer speed (import/export) from "SP-404MKII App" has been increased by about 2 times.
    * Please download SP-404MKII App Version 3.00 or later from Roland Cloud.
  • Improved operational stability (latency) when playing multiple samples at the same time.
    ( By holding down the [VALEU] knob and pressing the [SUB PAD] button, you can minimize variations in pronunciation. )
  • Improved the operational stability of the MIDI clock output from the SP-404MKII.
  • You can now adjust the timing of the sounds and MIDI Clock output from the SP-404MKII.
    ( [UTILITY] > [SYSTEM] > [MIDI] > [SYNC Delay] > 0 ms - 20 ms (Default : 2ms))
  • Changed the startup screen at power-on.

Bug Fixes
The following bugs have been fixed.
  • UNDO is not possible on the Chromatic/16 Velocity screen during pattern recording.
  • Type does not switch when changing Scatter's Type parameter at high speed.
  • Certain mp3 files cannot be imported from SD card.
  • Extra space around the start point when resampling a pattern.
  • Minor bugs.
[ Ver.2.01 ] AUG 2022
Bug Fixes
The following bugs have been fixed.
  • Pop noise occurs when MFX "404 VinylSim" samples are played with "NOISE = 0".
  • When recording is started from the LINE IN jack(s) with Auto Trig Level, pop noise is mixed in the recorded sample.
  • If you hit the [HOLD] button quickly during pattern playback, it freezes.
  • When setting the Start Point/End Point, loop playback under certain conditions freezes.
  • MIDI OUT does not work during TR-REC.
    * It is now possible to select a PAD in which no sample has been saved.
  • SNAP to Zero-Cross function does not work properly in CHOP.
  • Other minor bugs.
[ Ver.2.00 ] JUL 2022
Additional Functions / Functionality Improvements
Please refer to the "SP-404MKII Reference Manual (Version 2.00)" for detailed information in the [ Owner's Manuals ].

  • Chromatic Mode can now be recorded into patterns.
    ( While pattern recording, hold down [SHIFT] and press [PAD4]. )
  • TR-REC (step recording) function has been added.
    ( Press [REMAIN] in the PATTERN SETTING when pattern recording starts. Or hold down [SHIFT] and press [REC] during pattern playback. )
  • The number of Undo steps for pattern recording has been expanded from 8 to 16.
    ( During pattern recording, hold down [SHIFT] and press [PATTERN SELECT]. )
  • The number of pattern length can be selected from 1 to 64.
    ( In the PATTERN SETTING, turn the [C2] knob. )
  • The time signature setting has been extended to 1/4 - 7/4.
    ( In the PATTERN SETTING, hold down [SHIFT] and turn the [C2] knob. )
  • Added progress bar during pattern playback.
  • Pattern can now be copied during pattern playback.
  • Pattern playback is not stopped when pattern recording is exited.
  • Patterns can now be selected without playback.
    ( Press [PAD1] - [PAD16] while holding down the [VALUE] knob at the pattern select. )
  • Patterns can be selected by MIDI program change (PC).
  • Polyphony/Legato playback is now available in chromatic mode.
    ( Push [REMAIN], Polyphony:Fast Blink, Legato:Slow Blink )
  • Scale input is now available in Chromatic Mode.
    ( Scale select:press the [VALUE] knob. Scale Note select:Hold down [ROLL] and turn the [VALUE] knob. )
  • When VINYL MODE is set to "No," the following VARI-ENCODE types can be selected according to the sample to minimize the sound quality degradation (higher sound quality) when PITCH/SPEED is changed.
    Suitable for instruments with attenuation. It is especially suitable for phrases that include instruments with a distinct attack (Drums, Percussion, Guitar rhythm, etc.).
    Suitable for sustained instruments. Especially suited for smooth tone changes (e.g. Strings, Bass).
  • Added Quick Loop (ROLL) function in DJ Mode.
    ROLL playback : Hold down [ROLL] and press [PAD13(CH1)] / [PAD15(CH2)].
    ROLL size change : Hold down [SHIFT] and press [ROLL].
    Change the size during ROLL : Hold down [ROLL] and press [PAD1] - [PAD4]).
  • Added crossfader to DJ Mode.
    ( Push [START/END] to switch to CUE fader.)
  • Patterns can be played in DJ Mode.
    Select pattern: press [PATTERN SELECT].
    Switching the pattern dedicated CH: press [PATTERN EDIT]
  • "Cloud Delay", "SX Delay", "SX Reverb" and "BackSpin" has been added to MFX.
    Hold down [MFX] and [ISOLATOR], press [PAD1] - [PAD4]. Or hold down [MFX] and turn the [VALUE] or [C3] knob.
  • "Harmony" has been added to INPUT FX.
  • Effect parameters can now be changed by MIDI control change (CC).
  • Samples not sent to BUS1 and BUS2 (DRY) can now be sent to BUS3.
    ( [UTILITY] > [EFX SET] > [OTHER] > [DRY Routing] > [BUS 3] )
  • Added shortcut to temporarily bypass BUS 3 and BUS4.
    ( Hold down the [VALUE] knob, press [BUS FX] )
  • Reverse playback similar to SP-303 can now be selected.
    ( [UTILITY] > [SYSTEM] > [GENERAL] > [Reverse Type] > [303] )
  • Skip Back Sampling Time can be extended to 40 seconds.
    ( [UTILITY] > [SYSTEM] > [GENERAL] > [SBS Time] > [Long] )
  • USB audio input can be sent directly to LINE OUT without going through INPUT FX and BUS FX.
  • When setting the START/END point, pressing [RESAMPLE] can now be set to the zero crosspoint (SNAP to Zero-Cross).
  • When setting a loop point, preview playback is now started from the loop point.
  • Sample file names can now be displayed in Cue mode.
  • Holding [SHIFT] and pushing [EXIT] will now stop all sample playback.
  • When selecting a sample to pad mute, the LED color has been improved to make it easier to see the pad that is playback.
  • The LED of pads are now changed to the customized color during the START/END and ENVELOPE mode.
  • The parameters that can be changed simultaneously for multiple samples in a Mute Group on the PITCH/SPEED screen have been expanded. [ BPM, BPM SYNC, GATE, LOOP, REVERSE ]
    ( On the PITCH/SPEED screen, hold down [COPY] to change parameters. )
  • The ENVELOPE parameters of multiple samples in a mute group can now be changed simultaneously.
    ( At the ENVELOPE screen, hold down [COPY] and change the parameter. )
Bug Fixes
The following bugs have been fixed.
  • In CHOP mode, under certain conditions, if you assign to a pad that has the original sample. Fixed a problem in which the assigned sample would disappear.
  • Other minor bugs.
[ Ver.1.16 ] APR 2022
  • The version number was updated due to production-related circumstances.
  • Product specifications are unaffected.
[ Ver.1.15 ] APR 2022
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug in which selecting the MFX "Tape Echo" would freeze under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug in which the MIDI IN jack would freeze when receiving a non-standard signal.
[ Ver.1.14 ] JAN 2022
Additional Functions / Functionality Improvements
  • Sample (pad) playback can now be independently muted (Pad Mute).
    (Hold down [SHIFT] + [REVERSE] and select the sample you want to mute.)
  • Pad-muted samples can now be monitored via headphones (CUE).
    ( [UTILITY] > [GENERAL] > [Pad MUTE] > [Master] )
  • The PITCH and SPEED parameters of multiple samples in a mute group can now be changed simultaneously.
    (At the PITCH/SPEED screen, hold down [COPY] and change the parameter.)
  • Samples selected in the chromatic mode can now be played by MIDI input from an external source (CH16: C2 [36] through C4 [60]).
  • The end point of a sample can now be set automatically during sampling or resampling by pressing [START/END] (END SNAP).
  • It is now possible to change to the pad mode (for sample playback by pressing the pads) by pressing the [HOLD] button while in the DJ mode.
  • It is now possible to change the bus destination by holding down [REMAIN] and pressing [CUE] (pad 14 or pad 16) while in the DJ mode.
  • Note numbers received via MIDI IN during pattern recording can now be simultaneously recorded in the pattern.
  • During pattern recording, the GATE parameters of respective samples can now be changed.
  • In the PATTERN EDIT mode, patterns in a loop passage can now be deleted as a group for each respective pad.
  • Patterns can now be changed immediately during pattern playback by holding down [SUB PAD] and selecting a different pad.
  • Note numbers corresponding to pads can now be output externally via MIDI OUT during pattern playback.
    ( [UTILITY] > [MIDI] > [SEQ Note Out] > [ON] )
  • The display can now be turned off after a specified interval has elapsed.
    ( [UTILITY] > [GENERAL] > [Scrn Saver Type] > [DispOff] )
  • How samples are played back at switching between patterns during pattern playback can now be specified.
    ( [UTILITY] > [GENERAL] > [PTN Change mode] )
  • The displayed time of popups can now be set.
    ( [UTILITY] > [GENERAL] > [Pop-up Time] )
  • The gain for audio output via PHONES OUT can now be set to a lower level.
    ( [UTILITY] > [GAIN] > [Phones Out] )
  • The BPM SYNC parameter for all samples in a bank can now be set to ON or OFF.
    ( [SHIFT] + [BPM SYNC] )
  • The GATE parameter for the [EXT SOURCE] pad can now be set and can now also be recorded in a pattern.
  • Operation when split samples are assigned to respective pads in the CHOP mode has been improved.
  • Operation when importing samples from an SD card has been improved.
  • Buttons that are not used in a live performance can now be disabled (LIVE MODE).
    (Hold down [SHIFT] and press and hold [REMAIN] for 3 seconds or larger.)
Bug Fixes
The following bugs have been fixed.
  • During sample playback (GATE set to ON and HOLD set to ON), playback stops when the BUS destination is changed while pressing [REMAIN].
  • During pattern recording, in rare cases, the final note sometimes fails to be recorded.
  • When a sample having a fixed velocity is played in the chromatic mode, the velocity is unfixed.
  • Other minor bugs.
[ Ver.1.13 ] NOV 2021
Functionality Improvement
  • Velocity can now be set to a fixed value for individual pads.
Bug Fixes
The following bugs have been fixed.
  • Minor bugs.
[ Ver.1.11 ] OCT 2021
Additional Functions
  • A Skip Back Sampling function has been added.
  • A Pattern Chain function has been added.
  • A customization function for the opening image has been added.
  • A customization function for the screensaver has been added.
  • INPUT FX have been added, for an increase from 2 types to 16 types.
  • The Favorite numbers for BUS FX have been expanded from 4 to 16.
  • An Effect Grab function has been added.
  • An EFX knob mode has been added.
  • A function for swapping the effects assigned to BUS 1 and BUS 2 has been added.
Functionality Improvements
  • During sample editing, it is now possible to listen to a preview several seconds before an end point.
  • During pattern playback, it is now possible to press the [REC] button and shift to pattern recording.
  • It is now possible to move from the 16 Velocity/Chromatic mode to the Resample mode.
  • Multiple samples can now be imported from an SD card in one group.
  • Previewing is now possible when importing samples from an SD card.
  • Subfolders are now supported when importing samples from an SD card.
  • The content of the screen display in the DJ mode has been improved.
  • The displayed content of effect parameters has been improved.
  • The number of sounds produced during ROLL playback has been improved from 1 to 4 samples.
  • The sampled input source is now selectable (Mix or ExtIn).
  • A sample after a CHOP operation can now be overwritten.
  • The parameters subject to a factory reset are now selectable (ALL DATA or SYSTEM).
  • The color of LEDs on the 16PAD can now be set as desired.
  • The GATE parameter for all samples in a bank can now be switched on and off.
  • All samples in a bank or all patterns in a bank can now be copied to another bank or deleted.
  • The destination bus can now be set as a group for all samples in a bank.
  • It is now possible to specify the project to load when starting the unit.
  • The function of the [SUB PAD] button in the Sample mode can now be specified.
Bug Fixes
The following bugs have been fixed.
  • Minor bugs.

  • SP-404MKII
  • An SD card
  • A personal computer with a SD Card Reader/Writer.

  • Never apply this update data to any product other than the SP-404MKII. This update data may destroy the data or system program of other products.
  • Never power-off your SP-404MKII while the update is in progress!
    If a power failure or similar accident occurs during the update process, the SP-404MKII won't be able to start up in normal operating mode. This will require servicing, so you will need to contact Roland service center near you if this occurs.
  • We regret that we are unable to answer questions regarding the update procedure using this system program. Please perform the update responsibly, following the directions given in this document.

Please open/extract the downloaded "" file on your computer to get the "sp404mk2_sys_v302" folder.
Please make sure you have unzipped the downloaded update file.

  1. Format an SD card as described in "Formatting an SD Card" of "SP-404MKII Quick Start".
  2. Copy the update files (SP404MKII_APP0.bin, SP404MKII_APP1.bin) to the root folder of the SD card described above using a personal computer.
  3. Insert the SD card described above into the SD card slot on the unit.
  4. Hold down [ SHIFT ] and turn on the power.
    [ UPDATE SURE? ] is displayed on the screen.
  5. Press the [ PUSH ENTER ] knob.
    The update starts.
    * Never turn off the power while the update is in progress.
    When [ UPDATE COMPLETE! ] appears, the update has finished.
  6. Turn the SP-404MKII power off and remove the SD card from the SP-404MKII.
  7. Please verify the version number "1.15" with the procedure described in "HOW TO TELL THE VERSION" part of this document.
  8. Hold down the [ SHIFT ] button and press the pad [ 13 ].
    The UTILITY MENU screen appears.
  9. Use the [ VALUE ] knob to select "FACTORY", and press the [ VALUE ] knob.
    The UTILITY / FACTORY RESET screen appears.
  10. Turn the [ VALUE ] knob to select the "SYSTEM DATA", and press the [ VALUE ] knob to confirm.
    A confirmation message appears, asking if you want to initialize the data.
  11. If you wish to initialize, turn the [ VALUE ] knob to select "OK", and press the [ VALUE ] knob.
    The message "Please Power OFF" appears.
  12. Turn this unit's power off, and then on again.


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