TD-25 Custom Kits Collection #2

Here are ten new custom drum kits for TD-25. Load them into your TD-25 and you can immediately enjoy distinctive sounds.

This data is exclusive use for the TD-25 ( requires Ver.1.10 or later ).
You can play custom kits by loading them into the user kit area of your TD-25 sound module. Please update your TD-25 to the latest version.

Kit List
You can preview each kit.
Please preview them in either Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 10 and later.

1. Hit+Man
Tight, dry kit with fat snare and clear ghost notes for grooving.
Reggae kit with timbales, big ride bell, splash cymbal, strong crossticksounds and tape-echo effect.
3. HeAD+TuRneR
Big rock kit with heavy phasor effect.
4. BiG:BOnzE
Fat tom rock kit with rich Reverb.
Double kick kit with kick on tom1 and floor tom.
6. Brush'N UP
Jazz brushes kit with long ride, sizzle sustain.
7. AmbALOT
Ambient kit with delay and melodic toms.
8. DaPhunk
Kit with bright, clear sound for modern funk and pop music. Created by Nathan McLaren.
Hybrid mix kit for Drum n' Bass. Created by Ydna Murd.
10. GT/BT
Rock kit inspired by the late 60’s rock tune. Mic’d studio drums, cowbells, with a little bit distortion effect.

How to load
* Before using a USB flash drive for the first time, you must format it on the TD-25 ( Parameter guide - Formatting a USB Flash Drive ).

  1. Save custom kits data which you downloaded into kit folder of your USB flash drive via PC/MAC.
    * The location of kit folder: Roland > TD-25 > Kit
    * If there is no Kit folder, please save any user kit using "Save 1 Kit" function for the first time. Then Kit folder will be created automatically. ( Parameter guide - Saving Just One Kit to a USB Flash Drive ).
  2. Connect the USB flash drive to the TD-25.
  3. In the KIT screen, select the loading-destination kit.
  4. In the SETUP screen ( [ MENU ] - [ SETUP ] ), select "Load 1 Kit."
    The LOAD 1 KIT screen appears.
  5. Use the [ INSTRUMENT ] knob to select the kit number that you want to load.
  6. Press the [ F3 ] ( LOAD ) button.
    The confirmation screen appears.
  7. Press the [ F3 ] ( OK ) button.
    The settings of the kit loaded from the USB flash drive are overwritten onto the kit that you selected in step 3.
    * If you press the [ F1 ] ( EXIT ) button, loading will be canceled.


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