Mathew Jonson Drum Kits and Patterns

Mathew Jonson exclusive content for TR-8.

This is TR-8 backup data.
You can restore this data as follows.

  1. Hold down [STEP2] and switch on the power.
  2. Connect your computer to the TR-8 USB port via USB cable.
  3. Open the "TR-8" drive folder on your computer.
  4. Copy the TR-8 kit/pattern files into the "RESTORE" folder.
  5. After copying is completed, disconnect the USB cable.
    Windows 8 / 7
    Right-click on the "TR-8" icon in "My Computer" and execute "Eject."
    Mac OS
    Drag the "TR-8" icon to the Trash icon in the Dock.
  6. Turn the TR-8 power off.


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