V-Combo VR-09


  • V-Combo VR-09 Workshop Booklet 01: The Performer’s Solution

    This booklet introduces you to the V-Combo VR-09. It provides a quick tour through the VR-09’s major features and shows why it makes such a great all-around performance keyboard.

  • V-Combo VR-09 Workshop Booklet 02: The VR-09 EFX

    In addition to being packed with awesome performance sounds, the VR-09’s got a a cool secret identity: It’s an effect-manipulation and sound-mangling funhouse. This booklet explains how to get in on the action using the VR-09’s EFX knobs.

  • V-Combo VR-09 Workshop Booklet 03: Using Registrations

    When it’s time to customize your VR-09 with your own sounds, layers, and splits, you’ll be glad you mastered VR-09 registrations. With 100 registrations available at a time—and the ability to save gig-specific sets of them—the VR-09 can be whatever you need it to be in every situation.

  • V-Combo VR-09 Workshop Booklet 04: The VR-09 and the iPad

    The VR-09 is built for speed, putting everything right at your fingertips. If you’ve got an iPad, though, you can get beneath the hood of its organ and synth sounds for some serious programming. Connect your VR-09 to your iPad wirelessly with Roland Wireless Connect, or using USB. If you’ve got a VR-09 and an iPad, you’ll want to read this booklet.


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