TD-50X Free Kits

Here are five new custom drum kits for TD-50X. Load them into your TD-50X and you can immediately enjoy distinctive sounds.

Kit List
You can preview each kit.
Please preview them in either Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 10 and later.

Red Bubinga : KIT-001.TD0
Acoustic drum kit that provides crisp and clear sound
Dark Studio : KIT-002.TD0
Low pitch/powerful snare, dry acoustic drum sound
Grunge : KIT-003.TD0
Rock sound acoustic drum kit with lots of snare overtone and aggressive sound
Electropop : KIT-004.TD0
Electro drum kit that combines acoustic and electro sounds
KickWithBass : KIT-005.TD0
Unique drum kit that inspires potential of sound creation

* Prepare an SD card (an SDHC card up to 32 GB capacity, preformatted on the TD-50X).

  1. Save kit backup data which you downloaded into kit folder of your SD Card via PC/MAC.
    * The location of kit folder: Roland > TD-50X > Kit
  2. Insert an SD Card into the TD-50X's Card Slot.
  3. Press the [ SD CARD ] button.
  4. Press the PAGE [ UP ] [ DOWN ] buttons to access SD CARD BACKUP 1KIT.
  5. Press the [ F2 ] (1KIT LOAD) button.
    The SD CARD LOAD <1KIT> screen appears.
  6. Use the Cursor buttons to select the following parameter, and use the [ - ] [ + ] buttons or the Dial to configure the load settings.
    SD Card: Selects the kit backup data to load.
    User: Selects the load-destination drum kit.
  7. Press the [F5] (LOAD) button.
    A confirmation message appears.
  8. Select "OK" and then press the [ ENTER ] button.
    The kit loaded from the SD Card is overwritten onto the kit that you selected in step 6.
    * If you decide to cancel, select "CANCEL" and press the [ENTER] button.


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