• VS-2480 Owner’s Manual Addendum-Version 2

    This document describes in detail the new version 2 software enhancements for the VS-2480CD and VS-2480HD Digital Studio Workstations. This downloadable full color document describes the features of the new VGA main display, descriptions of the extended mouse and waveform enhancements on the VGA, and new features such as CD Capture and Phrase Parameter functions among others.

  • An Introduction to Recording Your Own CD
  • VS-2480 Phrase Pad Guide

    The new VS-2480 Phrase Pad Guide is now available for download!
    This document describes the new Phrase Sequencer / Phrase Pad functions that were recently added to the VS-2480 in version 1.210 software. The text is taken from the forthcoming revised Owner's Manual for the VS-2480 (currently being written by Roland U.S. Product Support), and gives informative step-by-step instructions for both Realtime & Steptime sequencing of audio phrases within the VS-2480 Digital Studio Workstation.

  • VS-2480 Tip Sheet
  • VS Series Compatible Media Guide
  • VS-2480 Q&A -- Common Questions
  • VS8F-3 Workshop 01: Mastering the Mastering Tool Kit

    This booklet takes you deep into the heart of the VS8F-3’s Mastering Tool Kit, or “MTK,” plug-in, explaining how to produce tight, punchy CDs from your finished mixes. You’ll find detailed explanations of the MTK’s EQ and dynamics processors, and a wealth of advanced tips.

  • VS-2480/VS-2480CD Control Surface Mode Guide

    This document explains the use of the VS-2480 Control Surface Mode.


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