SPD-SX: Footswitch Functions

標籤: foot, switch, pad

The following is a list of functions that can be controlled by using external footswitches connected to the SPD-SX: 

Kit Increment (INC)  - Selects the next Kit
Kit Decrement (DEC) - Selects the previous Kit
CLICK  On/Off - Turns the CLICK On or Off
TAP  TEMPO - Sets the tempo from tap input 
ALL SOUND OFF - Stops all currently playing sounds 
FX1 ON/OFF -  Turns FX 1 On or Off 
FX2 ON/OFF  - Turns FX 2 On or Off 
PAD CHECK - Turns the PAD CHECK feature on/off. (Allows you to hear the selected sound from a pad through the headphones output without having the signal be heard through the main outputs).    


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