SPD-SX: The Audio Input Out Setting

標籤: audio, level, signal, routing, sampling

It's possible specify how the Audio Input signal is routed to the SPD-SX's Outputs. This routing flexibility can be a benefit in certain setups. For example, if you have a monitor feed [line level audio signal] coming from an external source -like an auxiliary send from a mixer- and you have it fed into the Audio Inputs on the SPD-SX, you can dictate which outputs on the SPD-SX will contain that signal. If the Main outputs on the SPD-SX were connected to your mixer, you would not want the Audio Input signal fed to the Main outputs, and then back to the mixer as well. Doing this could create an audio loop. 

Here's how to choose the Audio Input Out setting:

1. Press MENU.

2. Cursor to highlight the "SYS" icon, and then press ENTER.

3. Cursor to highlight "AUDIO IN/OUT," and then press ENTER.

4. Highlight  "AUDIO IN," and then  press the + or - button to choose the desired setting - (MASTER, SUB, PHONES).

MASTER = Audio Input signals will be routed to the MAIN and PHONES outputs.

SUB = Audio Input signals will be routed to the SUB and PHONES outputs.

PHONES = Audio Input signals will be routed to the PHONES output only.

5. When you're finished, press the KIT button to exit. The new setting is saved automatically. 








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