SPD-SX: The Perform and Record Feature

標籤: loop, sequence, pattern, recording

The SPD-SX contains a feature called "Perform and Record" that lets you record a performance while playing the sounds that you have assigned to the pads. This can be a convenient tool for creating a rhythm from your performance. Once you've made the recording, you can  save it as a "wave," which can then be assigned to a pad. Here's how to use the Perform and Record feature: 

1. Press the SAMPLING button. 

2. Press the cursor right button to highlight the "PERFORM AND RECORD" icon. 

3. Press ENTER. 

4. Press  the + or - button to choose the Kit that has the sounds that you want to use for your recording. 

5. Press the cursor down button one time to highlight  "> Kit ", and then use the cursor and +/- buttons to choose a kit and pad destination for the recording. (Don't worry, you'll be able to reassign the recording to a different pad or kit later if desired). 

6. Press the function 1 [F1]button (STBY). This puts the SPD-SX  into Record Standby mode. 

7. Hit the pads to begin the recording. (The recording process begins automatically as soon as you hit one of the pads). You can also press the F2(START) button to start the recording if desired.

8. As soon as you're finished with your performance, press F3 (STOP). 

Tip: If you'd like to hear the new recording, press the F1 button (PREVIEW).

9. If you want to cancel the recording and try again, press the EXIT button. If you're satisfied with the recording, press the ENTER button. The new recording is saved automatically and assigned to Kit/Pad that you chose in Step 5 above. 


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