SPD-8, SPD-11: SPD-8 and SPD-11 Comparison

標籤: spd-11, spd-8
The SPD-11 is a significant upgrade over the SPD-8. Here are some of the new
key features:

- The sound quality has been improved.
- The SPD-8 has 39 sounds, the SPD-11 has 255 sounds.
- Improved editing flexibility, with easy-to-use interface.
- Inputs for dual trigger pads and acoustic triggers.
- The SPD-11 can played with the FD-7 Hi-hat Pedal, giving you all the natural
hi-hat playing techniques.
- Softer, more responsive pads.
- With the SPD-11, you can layer two sounds per pad or external input.
- Enhanced MIDI implementation


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