SPD-SX: Sampling

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The SPD-SX lets you record high-quality samples and play them back instantly using the pads. Use the following steps to sample.

1. Using the appropriate cables, connect the audio device to be sampled—instrument, CD player etc.—to the INPUT jack(s) on the back of the SPD-SX.

2. Press the SAMPLING button.

3. Use the cursor buttons to select "BASIC," and then press ENTER.

4. Use the 3 and 4 buttons to select "REC LEVEL."

5. Play the audio to be sampled, and then press + or – to adjust the sampling level so that the meter reaches the right side of the display under the “N” in the word “SAMPLING.”

6. Stop the audio playback once you’ve set your input level.

7. Press the F1 (STBY) button—this is the button below the display beneath “STBY”.

8. Strike the pad to which you’d like to assign the sample.

9. Press F2 (START) to begin sampling, and then start audio playback on the device being sampled.

10. When you’re finished, press F3 (STOP).

11. Press ENTER to store the new sample.

12. Strike the pad you selected in Step 8 to audition your new sample.


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