TD-4, TD-4S: Using the VH-11 Hi Hat

標籤: td-4, td-4s
The Roland VH-11 Hihat is compatible with the TD-4 module. Follow these steps to setup the VH-11 and make the proper adjustments:

1. Connect the TD-4's "HH" cable to the TRIGGER OUT jack on the VH-11.

2. Connect the TD-4's "HHC" cable to the CONTROL OUT jack on the VH-11.

3. Make sure the top of the VH-11 pad is not touching the motion sensor unit, and turn on the TD-4.

4. Loosen the clutch and let the VH-11 pad rest on the motion sensor.

5. Press the MENU button so it is lit.

6. Press the SEL down button to select "PAD SETTINGS".

7. Press OK.

8. Hit the VH-11 - "HH" appears in the upper right side of the display.

9. Turn -/+ dial to choose "VH-11."

10. Press SEL down to choose "HH Pedal Sens".

11. As you watch the indicator in the lower left of the display, turn the VH-11's adjustment nut until the indicator lines up between to two brackets [ ].

12. When you're finished, press MENU and readjust the hihat clutch.


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