SPD-SX: Setting the Trigger Type for an External Pad

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It's important to set the proper Trigger Type for an external pad. Doing so tells the SPD-SX what type of external pad/trigger you have connected, and improves the trigger response and accuracy.

1. Press MENU.

2. Use the cursor buttons to select the "SETUP" icon, and then press ENTER.

3.  Press the cursor up or down button to select "TRIG IN," and then press ENTER. 

4. Hit the external pad - (This automatically selects the input that you're connected to).  

5. Press the + or - button to choose the Input Mode that matches your external pad setup. Choose "Head&Rim" if you have one pad connected to one of the inputs. Choose "TRIGX2" if you have two pads connected. 

6. Press cursor down to choose "TRIG 1/2 TYPE."

7. Press + or - to choose the appropriate Trigger Type for the pad. 

8. Press EXIT when you're finished. The new setting is saved automatically. 




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