SPD-SX: Connecting Two Pads to One of the Trigger Inputs

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On the SPD-SX, Trigger Inputs 1/2 and 3/4 can be "split" so that two pads can be connected to each of the inputs. For this feature to work properly, the Trigger Mode setting for each of the inputs must be changed in the SPD-SX. In addition, the correct type of cable must be used. This cable is referred to as a "Stereo Insert" cable or "insertion cable." Similar to this one;


Use the following steps to configure the SPD-SX correctly for this type of dual pad setup:

1. Using a stereo insert cable, connect the two ends of the "Y" to each of your pads. 

2. Connect the opposite single (stereo) end of the cable to the Trigger 1/2 input.

3. On the SPD-SX,  press MENU.

4. Press the cursor right or left  button to highlight "SETUP," and then press ENTER.

5. Press cursor up or down to choose TRIG IN, and then press ENTER.   

6. Press the + button to choose "TRIG X 2."

7. Press the cursor down button and then press + or - to choose the Trigger Type for each of the pads that you have connected.

8. When you're finished, press KIT return to the main menu. The new settings are saved automatically. 


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