SPD-SX: Loading a Backup from a USB Flash Drive

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If you have previously saved SPD-SX data to an external USB Flash drive (Backup), you can load this data back into the SPD-SX at any time.

Here's how.

1. Connect your USB flash drive to the USB MEMORY connector on the back panel of the SPD-SX. 

2. Press MENU.

3. Cursor to the "UTIL" icon and then press ENTER.

4. Press cursor down to highlight "LOAD (USB MEM)" and then press ENTER.

5. Press cursor down to highlight "ALL,"  and then press ENTER.

6. Press the cursor up/down buttons to choose the backup that you want to load.  

7. Press ENTER twice. 

The amount of time it takes to load the data will depend on how much data you have stored in the SPD-SX.

8. When the load process is complete, "COMPLETED" will appear in the display.  Press ENTER and the SPD-SX will return to the main menu. 



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