SPD-SX: Wave Export

標籤: .wav, transfer, save

It's possible to export any of the internal waves (sounds) in the SPD-SX to an external USB drive. Once they are exported, you can transfer them to a computer to edit them in more detail or add them to audio tracks in your DAW. 

Here's how to export a wave:

1. Insert a USB memory drive (key) into the USB MEMORY port on the back panel of the SPD-SX.

2. Press the MENU button.

3. Press the cursor right button to highlight  the UTIL icon and then press ENTER. 

4. Highlight "WAVE LIST," and then press ENTER.

5. Press the cursor up or down buttons to select and highlight the wave that you want to export.

6. Press the QUICK button.

7. Press cursor down to highlight "WAVE EXPORT."

8. Press ENTER.

9. Press ENTER again to execute. "EXPORT COMPLETED" appears in the display when the process is finished. 

10. Press EXIT to return to the main menu. 





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