SPD-SX: Kit Chain

標籤: sequence, order

The Kit Chain feature in the SPD-SX  lets you specify the order in which the kits are selected. This can be beneficial by letting you select your own kits in a desired order. There are 8 different Kit Chain sets that you can create called "Banks" (A-H). Each bank can have up to 20 steps.   

Here's how to create a Chain:

1. Press MENU.

2. Cursor to the SYSTEM icon, and then press ENTER.

3. Cursor up or down to "KIT CHAIN" and then press ENTER.

4. Cursor up to highlight  "A: KIT CHAIN."



5. Press the + or - button to choose one of the 8 chains (A-H).

6. Cursor down to highlight the first step in the chain (Step 01).

7. Press the + or - buttons to choose the desired Kit for Step 01. 

8. Cursor down to highlight Step 02, and then press +/- to choose the desired kit for step 02.

9. Repeat the process for the remaining steps in the chain. There are 20 steps available. 

10. When you're finished, press EXIT to return to the main Kit menu. The new chain is saved automatically. 


To activate the Chain:

Press the QUICK button from the main Kit menu.

Press the cursor up button to highlight "CHAIN ON/OFF." 



Press ENTER.

Now, when you select the kits, they will follow the custom Kit Chain order that you created.


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