SPD-SX: Importing .WAV files from a USB Flash Memory Drive

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It's possible to import .WAV files directly from a USB flash memory drive into the SPD-SX. This is a convenient alternate method of importing sounds, that can be used in place of the Wave Manager software in the computer.

1. Transfer .WAV files from your computer to your USB flash drive. Make sure you transfer them to the "root directory" - (Do not place them into any folders that may be on the flash drive). Note: Only 16bit/ 44.1kHz .WAV files can be imported into the SPD-SX. 

2. Eject the USB flash drive from the computer, and then insert it into the USB MEMORY port on the back panel of the SPD-SX. 

3. Press MENU. 

4. Cursor to "UTIL," and then press ENTER. 

5. Cursor down to highlight "WAVE IMPORT," and then press ENTER. 

6. Use the cursor buttons and the (+) button to highlight and place a check mark next to the wave that you would like to import. 

7. Press ENTER. 

8. Press the (+) or (-) button to choose the desired Kit that you'd like to assign the wave to. 

9. Press the cursor right button once to highlight the pad number.

10. Press (+) or (-) to select the Pad / External Trigger /or footswitch within the Kit that you want to assign the wave to.

11. Press ENTER. When the import process is finished, "COMPLETED" shows in the display. 

12. Press EXIT when you're finished. The new wave file will be assign to the pad (within the kit) that you chose. 

Click on the link below for additional information about importing .WAV files into the SPD-SX;










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