System update version 2.0 is now available for the XS-84H, XS-83H and XS-82H

The following bug was fixed:

  • Connection with an iPad is difficult when the "WIRELESS LAN" connection setting is set to "AD-HOC MODE."

Added Features
For details, refer to "Functions Added in Version 2.00".

  • The output picture is no longer interrupted during switching of the output mode.
  • A "DISSOLVE mode" and "PGM-PST mode" were added to the video output modes.
  • It is now possible to set the number of audio channels output via HDMI.
  • Displaying a guide on an output screen is now possible.
  • A function for displaying or hiding windows during MULTI mode output has been added.
  • The key lock mode now covers additional buttons.
  • The audio send level can now be set separately for each output channel.
  • Video-system resolutions have been added for EDID.

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