Noise Eater吃音墊



NE-1 Noise Eater吃音墊,是一款小型隔音腳墊,用來搭配使用V-Drums鼓組的大鼓打擊板與hi-hat架,並可依需要與NE-10吃音墊(另行選購)搭配使用。它具有獨特的橡膠緩衝結構,放置在大鼓打擊板與hi-hat架的每支腳,可有效地降低一般演奏時透過地面傳遞的噪音及振動。當NE-1搭配使用墊在大鼓與hi-hat踏板下方的NE-10吃音地墊,可讓使用者不再顧忌打擾家人或樓下鄰居,盡情地演奏

Noise Eater Technology for V-Drums: The Easy Solution to Acoustic Noise Transfer Problems

Roland’s innovative Noise Eater technology helps V-Drums users enjoy playing any time without disturbing family members and neighbors in adjoining rooms and living spaces. One of the many benefits of V-Drums—and their patented mesh-head pads in particular—is that they’re extremely quiet acoustically, allowing players to use headphones to practice and record in situations where it would be impossible to use acoustic drums. However, the physical action of using kick and hi-hat pedals in a multi-level building can result in unwelcome noise and vibration being transferred to rooms below via direct sound conduction through the floor. Based on Roland’s tests, the unique isolating properties of Noise Eater products reduce this noise transfer by approximately 75 percent over using pedals without them, a dramatic improvement that lets you play day or night in situations where the noise could otherwise be a problem.

KD-140, KD-120, VH-13, VH-11

* 必須使用NE-10 (另行選購)。

70 mm
2-13/16 inches
70 mm
2-13/16 inches
32 mm
1-5/16 inches
110 g
0 lbs. 4 oz.




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